Nguyen Peter

Peter Nguyen

Software Developer

Name:Peter Nguyen
Date of birth:May 26, 1981
Address:Hung Ngan Garden, KP1, 48A Duong Thi Muoi Street, Tan Chanh Hiep Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City

A motivated and enthusiastic team player who enjoys inspiring people and working with less effort. My birth name is Nguyễn Bảo Phúc. I am Vietnamese. Over the years, I realize the following values are extremely important. They are guidelines in my career path:

  • Teamwork. Teamwork is not only supporting your fellows but also sharing them your plans and ideas, and following exactly what the team agreed with. This will reduce unwanted consequences in the team.
  • Listen to different ideas. It is not easy but in many cases different ideas are better and they help the team to make right decisions. By listening to different ideas, we also learn new things.
  • Work smart over work hard. For me, working smart means choosing right tools. A tool is a thing that helps us to do a task. There are many tools to do a task. We are usually fans of some tools and choose the favorite one, not the right one. Choosing wrong tools make our jobs more complex and harder.
  • Lead over manage. I like the concept of servant leader in Agile. A servant leader always asks “What can I do today to help you and the team be more effective?”. A manager asks differently, “What are you going to do for me today?”. Team members know what to do to make the job done and they need a servant leader. A manager is proper for higher, company-wide positions and should not directly manage team members.


09.1999 - 02.2005

Da Nang University of Technology, Vietnam

Electronics - Telecommunications Engineer

Da Nang University of Technology was founded in 1975 and is one of the three largest universities of technology in Vietnam. It has 14 departments with more than 8000 enrollments each year. The university also goes into academic partnership with leading universities in France, Australia, Japan, Taiwan and the United States of America.


11.2015 - present

TMA Solutions

Senior Consultant

TMA Solutions is one of the leading IT outsourcing companies in Vietnam with more than 1800 employees. Its projects are very large, involve tens to hundreds of people, managed by several managers and consultants. A Consultant position in TMA Solutions is like a Technical Architect in other companies, responsible for technical aspect of one or more projects. My current project is TechOne, which is my first one since I joined TMA Solutions.


TechOne has been setup since Nov 2015. Currently it has more than 70 resources. Customer is one of the largest Australian software production companies. Its business domain is very large, including education, finance, government, supply chain and more. It has an ecosystem with hundreds of applications on cloud. All applications are developed on a proprietary enterprise platform built on top of ASP.NET MVC.

07.2013 - 08.2015

swiss IT bridge

Senior .NET Developer

bbv Vietnam, former name is swiss IT bridge, is a subsidiary of bbv group, one of the leading software companies in Switzerland. bbv Vietnam is a software development outsourcing company founded in 2006. It focuses on custom web applications based on PHP, Java and .NET, with customers are mainly from Switzerland and Germany. Here were my projects at swiss IT bridge:


Proles is a project management system used by multiple clients. It was developed based on old technology ASP and the source code cannot be built. The owner wanted to develop new features and to change application UI to dashboards and widgets.


BpmLight is a lightweight business process management (BPM) system of bbv ICT Solutions AG. In this project, we developed the system from scratch. BpmLight uses SharePoint to manage documents and interact with it via WebDAV.

08.2012 - 05.2013

Sequent Asia IT

Senior .NET Developer

SAI Digital, former name is Sequent Asia IT (SAI), is an IT outsourcing company from India. It specializes in hybris eCommerce and eMarketing, and focuses on clients in Southeast Asia. SAI Digital has the largest number of hybris ecommerce resources in the region with offices located in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. At Sequent Asia IT, I joined the following projects:


The customer, Friesland Campina Vietnam, wanted to replace its old loyalty system. We had to build the new system from scratch, and system UI must be the same as the old one.


In this project, I developed new features for SharePoint system of SAITEX International Vietnam.

07.2011 - 07.2012

Online Biz Co., Ltd.

.NET Developer

Online Biz is a Vietnamese software company that develops software applications and provides business management solutions online. Its products are accounting and restaurant management software packages. Recently the company also provides outsourcing services that focuses on PHP and open source development. At Online Biz, I joined one project enhancing accounting software package of the company.


NetBIZ is an accounting software product of the company. I was responsible for developing new features of the product to adapt customer’s requirements.

10.2009 - 07.2011

Cat Nam Co., Ltd.

.NET Developer

Cat Nam is a Vietnamese software production company that provides accounting and sales management software packages. In 2009, Cat Nam’s software products were written on Visual Foxpro and transformed to .NET after that. Here was my only project at Cat Nam:


ACCOS is an accounting software product of the company. It was written in Visual FoxPro. I was responsible for transforming the application to .NET platform.

07.2005 - 10.2009

Not related to software development

Many positions

In this period, my jobs were not related to software development. I worked for several companies in several positions.

  • Samudera Shipping Line (Vietnam) Ltd. My position was IT Supervisor. I was responsible for all servers, network and software packages of the company.
  • Hong Co Informatics & Trading Co., Ltd. My position was System Engineer. My job was installing and configuring servers and networks for clients.
  • Chemical Engineering Joint Stock Company. I was an Engineer in Electrical and Automation Division, and also a Network Administrator of the company. My main duties were designing and supervising workers installing electrical and automation systems in factories.
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AddressHung Ngan Garden, KP1, 48A Duong Thi Muoi Street, Tan Chanh Hiep Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City

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